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The World Doesn't Owe You Nothing Millennial Cry Babies.

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

o3/09/2022 - 1:15PM

The since of entitlement is at its all time high. People always say the world is changing, but in which direction are we going. It's true the world is changing to a soft, watered down version of itself. At the forefront of all this complaining and Cancel Culture behavior, are Millennials. From our toxic relationships, friendships, politics and unwillingness to compromise, Millennials really think the World owes them something just cause their here.

We're the same generation of kids, myself included, who's living in the best time to be alive, But still complain the most. With the largest amount of Mental Health problems, Millennials are struggling mostly because of our Ego's. Most of us have never experience true hard times in our childhoods. Even now, with our $170 Jordans on After-pay along with our $4 Coffee's, man we really have it bad.

At some point personal responsibility has to become the norm with Millennials. The sad part is were teaching our Children the same personality traits that hurt us mentally.

F.Y.I., Off Subject, stop taking advice from people that fail at what you're trying to do also. Never take relationship advice from your Single Divorce Mother, Father, or friend. The only thing they can show you and teach you is how to fail at it. Also, don't spend a lot of time with them because your habits will slowly become your habits.

Dear Millennials,

The world owes you nothing. Start changing yourself first, good and bad habits. Don't be nice about it also. Spend sometime understanding your boundaries before offering you hand to help soneone else. Improve your mental health, apologize to the people you know you've been an asshole to before its to late, and have some children. Teach your children not to be an individual, but how to drop your personal Ego so we can all win.

Much Love & Respect

Devon Holley

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