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By: Devon Holley

01/19/2021 - 9:38PM

Fellas let's have a real conversation right quick. Ready? Okay, you have to focus on you. I know you have a lot of responsibilities, but you can't become great when you put others ahead of you. I'm not saying to be selfish and neglect your duties, But it seems like people respect you more when you decide to make a decision and stand by it. Let's start a quick list of Manhood stuff to live by.

1. Make a decision, no matter if it's right or wrong.

Decision making is the single most important thing to every person. In terms of manhood, those decisions can mode you into settling for the wrong environment. Examples include, relationships, jobs, careers, finances and just pure happiness. All those things are base upon your decision making. You're literally the architect to your future.

2. Spend more time around Men rather than Women.

Of course the ladies won't like number two, but we talked about their mental health last week. Being around men bring out the competitive spirit in a good way. Competition for men is always great, considering our build up in testosterone needing to be released. Also, men tend to increase levels of learning around other men. Examples include, golf, basketball, chess, or video games. Men need competition, it's like a fire waiting to be release on your buddies. Competition does wonders for every man no matter the age.


If you ever notice settling will always cause mental health problems. Deep down in the back of your head you'll always be wondering if you can do better. Settling means working that 30K job saying atleast I have benefits. NO! FUCK NO! Never become complacent and give up. You as a men need goals and ambitions. Don't settle for a boring life when you can become great. Real talk, it doesn't matter what you become great at.

Notice I didn't mention relationships and women on the list. That's because you'll attract the right woman in your life when you become the men you're suppose to be.

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