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By Devon Holley

01/26/2021 - 10:15PM

Your circle is probably the most important group of individuals you'll ever come in contact with. They can dictate the direction of your life in some ways. I'm not saying for you to start dropping friendships because y'all don't have any direction, but you should ask yourself a few questions in terms of building a better circle. Connecting with the right circle could propel you even farther than you'll ever go by yourself.

First, does your circle have any goals that y'all agree upon to help each other reach. Your circle of trusted individuals should be constantly feeding you info to help you reach your goals. On the flip side you should also know their goals, while contributing the same energy back. Just sitting down with the right individuals becomes a very important decision for any person looking to build something special. Now, I know sometimes we're very hesitant to share our goals due to the fact we don't want any negative feedback. On the other hand is important to prove people wrong. We all need people to hate us and doubt us. I didn't understand this when I was young, but now that I'm knocking on forties doorstep, you need them.

Second, you need people to contribute financially towards your dream. Sometimes its as simple as your circle all buying a shirt and rocking it. Let's be honest, every business needs marketing and advertising for its products along with it's services. Your circle should be the first customers who gives you that first profit.

Third, your circle should be there to tell you just relax and breathe. In other words they will help you with your mental game. The mental game is the greatest challenge any human being will ever face. Due to the fact we can manifest what we want. So, be very careful for what you wish for and work towards. It will come true no matter if you want it or. not. Someone in your circle should always be the voice of reasoning.

Start playing close attention to your circle they might make you or break you. Thats up to you to decide.

Much Love and Respect.

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