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Five Reasons To Become A Father.

Becoming a father is one of the greatest accomplishments a Men could have. You get to see a seed you planted blossom into something great. Of course they'll be tough times and puzzling shit happen, but for the most part it's totally amazing being a Dad.

So, here's the Top Five Reasons To Become A Father in 2023.

  1. It's fucking dope being a father. I can't explain the joy you'll experience seeing your child for the first time exiting that pretty "V". P.S., if you have a weak stomach don't look. Also, seeing them walk, talk, laugh and smile at you the first time is priceless. The hardest most alpha men in this world will get emotional.

  2. Theirs tons of financial benefits for starting a family. Stop listening to these idiots saying kids are a burden. Once you learn taxes, wells, wealth transfers, insurance policies, and asset protection, your children become assets. These tools of financial literacy is how wealthy people own so many corporations and continue to benefit three and four generations later.

  3. Children help you become more discipline. As a men, your discipline is everything. Now, you don't have to be perfect to be a great father, but you gotta show up just like a career or job. Your biggest obstacle is finding the balance to make sure your their for the major events.

  4. It's the best blessing you'll ever receive. Some of you won't understand this, but watching my daughter smile and laugh will never equal what's in my bank account. You'll never understand this until you have one big dog.

  5. No one will ever love you like your daughter. Of course never say this around your Wife, but your daughter is a extension of you. Women already have a protective instinct for their family anyway. So, when you become a old fart in need of help your daughter will be the first one by your side. Just Watch.

Always remember you'll never be ready to become a father. Just remember, the long game is the best route in way and those little versions of you is worth every second. Love them and watch how your life changes.

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