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BY: Devon Holley

01-30-2021 - 10:08AM

Dear Black Folks,

My name is Devon Holley and I've been black by whole life. I've experience both sides of the coin growing up. From the hood to the suburbs black behavior is pretty much the same. I've notice a trend, African American people suffer from low self esteem. Before you get emotional, aggressive and angry like myself, listen to this right quick. First I started with my behavior. Whenever someone said something I didn't like, I tended to feel disrespected no matter who it was. That disrespect turned into anger, which led to unrational behavior like yelling and storming away from that person who triggered me. When you look at all those behavioral traits, they can be summed up into a few words. LOW SELF ESTEEM. Let's discuss black folks in society.

African Americans today is discussing the same social issues of the past. Police Brutality, Economic Gaps, and Equal Opportunities. When you look deeper into the behavioral traits and actions of us, we continue to march, protest, vote, yell, pray and cry expecting change. At what point do we change and say enough. Now most black people blame the system and white people, hoping they'll somehow save them from being oppressed. Honestly, the truth is you're not a victim and your not oppressed. YOU HAVE LOW SELF ESTEEM. Every social issue within the African American community can be solve by us. We have to start fresh and create our own. See, low self esteem convinces powerful people they don't have the resources or knowledge to even attempt to change their situation. No worries, I fell for the same bullshit for years.

To be honest, this past election was my breaking point. I tried to tell so many black folks we have no leverage voting Blue this election. Reason being, someone has to see that you're willing to do something different. Trump wasn't the solution, but we could have said to both sides, no policies, no vote. Remember ADOS AND CUBE said the same that, but y'all wanna call people uncle toms when they wanna do something different.

Two weeks into the Biden Presidency, black folks still haven't got any policies right? Police Brutality marches lasted for six months and I thought that was the number one policy on the Biden agenda. After every election people will say just wait, Obama, Clinton, and Biden will change it. 😂 JUST STOP IT! THEY DON'T CARE! Because your behavior is predictable and your LOW SELF ESTEEM shows your hand. They know you're too afraid to do something different.

Look, I'm not the only person that keeps wondering why we can't get ahead. Also, why is it so difficult trying to develop change with other black folks. Dear Old Thinking Negros, It doesn't go back to slavery. Jealousy comes from Low Self Esteem. How many black folks are jealous of their supposed to be friends or family? Be honest. How many young black men lose their life everyday from jealousy? These filmakers, artist, and media companies want you to blame white folks instead of yourself. While they'll be the same people marrying white women any chance they get. Yep, I said it. Stop lying to yourself. White people isn't the enemy. NIGGA! IT'S YOU AND YOUR THINKING!

Here are some solutions for the future. You have to abandon all pass behaviors and traits that got you in this shit. This isn't the 1800's or the 1960's, your competing at the ART OF WAR in society. Read the book. ART OF WAR, SUN TZU. See, your true enemy will stand next to you appearing to be your friend. Crying, dancing and hugging you while your down. So start closing the doors on pass stereotypes and start building. Buy some land, insurance on yourself, and create some businesses even if you work a 9 to 5 job. You can't pass down foodstamps, section 8, wic, medicaid or any government funded program.

Those are programs design to keep you poor and fucked up. Develop a new mindset while aligning yourself with people who has the same mindset as you. Not your old mindset but the new one. Stop voting Blue every election! Please! They haven't gave us any policies in 60 years. But somehow they can send 4 Billion dollars to Mexico during a pandemic. SMH. I'm not saying you should become a Republican, but at-least understand how your being used every election. The last thing is, find a good woman who's willing to support you and that's willing to compromise on things. Have some kids with her to help preserve the future.

Sorry for the long article today, but our people need help. Somehow we think having LOW SELF ESTEEM will help us make the necessary changes in the future. You have to do the work. Believe in yourself for once in your life. Drop those hating as negros at the park and watch them fight each other for no reason. Peace.

Much Love and Respect.

Devon Holley

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