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Meaningful Fridays - Topher

By: Devon Holley

05/21/2021 - 8:00AM

Real Hip Hop has returned to the Mainland. This Meaningful Friday features music from Topher. After listening to, "Facts Are Racist," it's almost impossible to just vibe to the beat like most artist now of days while listening to the lyrics. Topher features lyrical facts and storytelling in every song. One of the major issues facing the African American community is single mother inflation along with Violence. Very similar to 2Pac's, "Brenda's got a baby," Topher tells a story of a Young girl only 15 being assaulted by her peers. When you hear stories like this not making national news, you sometimes wonder who's really in charge.

The Mississippi native has been rocking the mic for almost 20 years now. In March 2021, Topher released his debut album, "No Apologies" available on Spotify. Outside of music the dirty south native is a family man where he and his wife raises two girls. The transition back to lyrical Hip Hop is underway when you listen to Topher.

With people of color in dyer need of positive male leadership and masculinity, music that teaches personal responsibility is in demand. We could blame the system for the failing schools, twerking little girls, murder rates and the list goes on. Ultimately, the responsibility starts with us and you know it too. Topher lyrics sums up everything, "Half of the murders is us killing us in the streets," Maybe more African Americans will wake up after listening to Topher's album. Same behaviors = The Same Results.

Much Love and Respect,

Devon Holley

"Facts Are Racist" Video Link

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