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Money Monday's

By: Devon Holley

12/7/2020 - 11:37 PM

Today's Money Monday features content from, "Earn Your Leisure (EYL)." Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings have developed a great financial education company geared towards creating wealth. With millions of viewers visiting their website, podcast, and youtube channel monthly, African Americans no longer have an excuse for not building wealth for the future.

Listening to Earn Your Leisure on a daily basis puts African Americans in the mindset of building, rather than waiting. Along with a great team behind them, Rashad and Troy produce content for every educational level. Over the past five years, the podcast has expanded to millions of listeners. From guesses like Troy Brown and Christian Jones both under the age of 18 crushing stereotypes of Black wealth, EYL opens the door to better habits financially.

With over a hundred different videos to choose from, EYL is coaching Black Excellence into the future. Personally, I discovered the EYL podcast after searching for financial podcasts online Three years ago. First I discovered financial responsibility from Dave Ramsey and his team. After spending a weekend listening to Dave talk about not spending money, I said, "Fuck this shit I'll never gain wealth this way." Just joking, Dave and his team want's you to budget more. Then I discover the EYL podcast that put things into perspective with Assets over Liabilities. Coaching people to spend money on the right things that you can recoup some benefits from is EYL's main goal. Also, financial literacy. All bullshit aside, EYL will help you build a future of wealth for you and the family. Thank you EYL for all the help. Links below to their website and content.

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