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Money Monday's

By: Devon Holley

12/28/2020 - 9:03 PM

This week's Money Monday features side hustles for your egg basket. This pandemic opened my eyes to my need for more side hustles. Now I work a regular day job and make great money, but at the drop of a dime that could've been taken away. Luckily I work as a frontline employee. I realize many people weren't working a job that was in demand during the pandemic. Watching so many Americans depend on unemployment is crazy. So let's dive a little deeper into some of these hustles.

The first hustle is delivery services. From Grub Hub, Uber Eats, Door Dash, and Shipt, these delivery services offer hourly wages somewhere around 15-30 an hour. Depending on your area, you can make a couple of hundred dollars every day if you choose to. Now you'll probably pay taxes on your wages, but if you have a good CPA you can write off your miles, gas, and repairs to your vehicles. These companies offer great flexibility because of the hours. Just a heads up always check the area online to service. Some areas will be a waste of time, while others will be booming.

Second, on the list of side hustles is selling products. The reason it's not number one is that some people don't have a lot of valuable stuff. On the flip side if you have a closet full of stuff, hop on craigslist and eBay right now. For some reason, Americans love collecting stuff according to Louis CK's famous joke. Those old Comic Books, Motorcycles, or Treadmills sell fast on craigslist. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make some quick cash this month.

The last piece of advice is to just start something new. New skills will always be the most valuable asset in your life. Knowledge can never be forgotten once you acquire it. Plus a wise man always becomes an expert.

Much Love and Respect,

Devon Holley

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