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Move in Silence

By: Devon Holley

June 14, 2021 - 7:00AM

Head into the bathroom, closed the door, and put your phone down for five minutes. You hear that? Silence right. This world becomes louder everyday as companies try to notify you every hour on the hour. When you add the variable of the stress of everyday life, sometimes a mental break is needed. I'm talking about a real break that doesn't involve you taking selfies for the Gram for likes.

Moving in silence allows yourself to focus in on one of the most impotant battles you'll ever face. The battle between you, your mind, your goals and the pressure to decide your true purpose. Believe me, I've tried to bring other people along on my journey. For some reason they never understood my process and questioned my every move.

I found silence became my way of focusing on the grind without getting burnt out. I only shared the finish product with people because they seemed to understand that more. Also, to be honest fellas women like you more when your unpredictable and somewhat mysterious. So don't rush the process because everything has steps that you can't skip over. Talk a little less and use that brain to think to determine your true process. Realize everyone is not for you and can't ride with you.

Much Love and Respect

Devon Holley

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