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Move In The Direction You Believe In.

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

08/18/2021 - 9:08PM

To the true dreamers, here's some inspiration. No matter your age, sex, race or background, move towards the things you believe in. I know it's a simple statement and everyone uses that quote, but theirs some truth to it. See our believe system seems to mold our actions. Here's some quick examples.

Millennials make up trillions of dollars in student loan debt. Every student who enrolled into a college program believe that attending school was the right move for them. Many students, including myself changed majors at least once while attending a University. While 40% of students never finish college.

With all these statistics showing that college doesn't equal success and student loans will never be forgiven. Why does young adults continue to attend college? Simple, it all boils down to their belief system installed in them and their parents. College is the safe route and its an opportunity for Mom and Dad to kick you out the house.

See, in life we always move in the direction in what we believe in the most. We hear stories everyday of a person quitting their job to start their own business. That person had to believe in themselves first before making that move. The more you believe in something, your actions will move you towards achieving that end goal. Also, your believe system will raise your self-esteem instantly by just thinking you can achieve that goal.

If you're not in the place you wanted to be at this point, start developing

a new system of beliefs to propel to the next level.

Much Love and Respect,

Devon Holley

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