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Never Take Advice From The Wrong People.

By: Devon Holley

02/16/2021 - 9:09PM

So last week we addressed our circle of trusted individuals. Also, we talked about aligning ourselves with the people who will push us towards our goals. Today, let's talk about the best Advice I've ever heard. I was reading, "The Richest Man In Babylon," and the teacher told his students to never take advice on Money from a person that doesn't manage it. Reading this made me realize how often we listen to individuals who doesn't have our best interests. They love us, but their advice will be something similar to what they would do. I preference this by saying find someone who's mastered what your seeking advice on.

Your Financial advice should never come from someone who's in the same situation as you. Sometimes friends have the tendency to give you advice because their close to you emotionally. Be honest it happens. If you're living paycheck to paycheck along with your buddy, neither one of you should be giving advice until you level up. The same goes for debt. If your in debt, start reading and following individuals who understand the process of getting out of it.

Now, here's a fun one. Marriage advice from a single person that can't stay in a long term relationship. Sometimes we wanna be heard so bad we take our issues to family members and friends. A Man rushes to call his twice divorced mother to get advice about his wife. Just looking for validation. He's not even looking at the fact that his own mother is divorce twice and treats her third husband like shit. Instead of focusing and speaking to his wife, he runs away. No, emotional intelligence.

In this self centered universe we live in, marriage is between two people. Unless you live in Utah. Just joking, those two people should be the only team members discussing the playbook. To many players on the court, screws up everything. If you wanna fix a marriage, seek an older couple to have dinner with and ask them questions. Not the single woman posting Tik Toks looking for attention and Validation.

These are just some small examples of the things I've seen and experienced. The best advice should come from your mentor. Also, you should seek the advice of wise man. Not someone who shares the same situation as you. Life is about solutions, if you don't seek out better council for your life, don't be surprise when your life looks very similar to the people you spend your time with.

Much Love and Respect

Devon Holley

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