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Owner Of The Week - Stacy Spikes

By: Devon Holley


Today Millennial Change wants to spotlight Stacy Spikes. The filmmaker turned entrepreneur has been developing black content for nearly 37 years now. Mr. Spikes started his career with Motown Records in the 80's working with hall of fame artist. From Stevie Wonder, Boyz II Men and Queen Latifah, Mr. Spikes and his team has been crushing it for years. Recently he develop MoviePass, a subscription-based service for frequent visitors to the theaters. The service allows subscribers to purchase up to three movie tickets per month for a monthly fee.

With all the hard work Mr. Spikes has done in Hollywood someone needs to spotlight him. Although most Entertainment people will know him, Mr. Spikes is a great inspiration for young entrepreneurs myself included. During his early years in Hollywood Mr. Spikes also worked on some of the most influential Black Films. Developing music and marketing campaigns for Jungle Fever, Bad Boys, House Party, and House Party 2, his list only gets longer with time. So the next time you watch a film from the amazing Ava Duvernay or Spike Lee, don't forget about the Executives who open the door for all of us.

Much Love and Respect.


Devon Holley

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