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Ownership and The Come Up

Staff Writer

01/23/2021 - 11:15AM

It’s time for African Americans to invest in our future. Now, every socially conscious black person says it, but for some reason the actions doesn’t follow the words.

Let's start with Ownership. Owning your own voice, content, image, and message has never been more valuable than now. Many African Americans don’t own any percentage of the content they consume on a daily bases. Which means someone else is deciding what they think of you. While also, deciding what they think you like and wanna see. So we’re putting all our faith and understanding of being black in someone else's hand. That's a little scary right?

Ownership also comes with abandoning the norm in terms of behavior and beliefs. You can’t fix today’s problems with weapons and behaviors from the pass. Make it a habit of sitting down and deciding the type of life you wanna manifest. Then ask yourself can I get there with the actions I take on a daily bases and what I belief in. Don't be afraid to change everything, seriously. God gave you free will, so use it to your advantage.

The last thing I wanna discuss is being open to new ideas and a new way of thinking. Stop blindly following things without asking questions, just because you're black. Every person is supposed to be different in life. Today’s culture is teaching everyone to become robots and not question anything. The news, twitter and Facebook tells everyone to run to the right and everyone runs to the right. You remember when your Mother use to say, "if all your friends is jumping off the bridge, you're jumping to?" it seems like todays culture the answer is, yes I wanna be social media famous.

The come up is on its way. More African Americans are waking up to the ways of the world. The question is, how many more African Americans need to wake up for us to have a impact on our culture. Don't let your actions be define by the color of your skin. Your morals and purpose should be defined by who you are.

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