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What's up everyone, it's officially 2021. That fresh start is here! So the last couple of weeks we talked about side hustles and career changes. Today, I wanna convince people to gain more knowledge and skills in 2021. See, saving a million dollars over the next thirty years means nothing if you don't have the knowledge to pass it along. Money comes and goes but knowledge lives forever because it can be transferred to other people.

A family can have a great business and one kid could drive it into bankruptcy with one bad decision. With knowledge, that same kid could gain everything back with interest over time. So just being honest, Fuck Money, give me knowledge.

Knowledge, the same thing Kings didn't want slaves to gain, Knowledge. The slaves saying wait a minute, I can build my own city instead of working for you. Also, seek knowledge from people doing what you aspire to do.

According to the "Richest Man In Babylon," you wouldn't take advice on Money from a Brickmaker. Would you? Also, start reading and watching youtube videos for what you wanna do. Information on your new career is almost free now. Just start, even ten minutes a day is awesome. Alright, go learn something and stop bitching. No one owes you anything in the world. Work hard and smile.

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