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Simping and Its Effects Made Simple

By: Staff Writer

07/15/2021 - 12:15PM

Simping and Its Effects Made Simple

We've all watched movies or even animated films with a male character who would do anything for the woman he loves - even if she doesn't care about him at all and even makes it clear by telling him to his face. Some men will say they have never been this crazy for a female but still believe that it is necessary to be nice to a woman at all costs, especially if you want to get with her.

But all that 'nice guy' business is not being praised by some men and boys of this generation. Today, the 'nice guy' is referred to as a simp. A simp is a guy who is too nice to a woman who has no romantic interest in him or continues to 'friendzone' him.

The effects of 'anti-simping' culture

Guys guilty of 'simping' are bullied online or offline by their peers and even relatives. Boys as young as 12 have crushes on girls but are afraid to even compliment her out of fear of displaying simp behavior. Plus, some males are more reluctant to buy gifts, plan creative dates and show ladies a good time because of the fear of being labeled a simp.

This creates a toxic dating culture. Our males are learning to suppress their feelings for their girlfriend or crush. They are even hurting women so the women can never feel too loved or special.

The way to go

You don't need to simp or overdo it to try and get a girl to like you. If you are genuinely interested in a girl, communicate it healthily for you and her as well. This includes being courteous and respectful and being honest with your intentions.

Lifestyle coach, Kevin Samuels in a 2017 video on his YouTube channel, acknowledges that men are cultured to simp but believes that men putting a woman above themselves is not the way to go. There is no need at all to bend over backward for her affection.

Continue practicing self-love, pursue women with good intentions and stay positive, kings.

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