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By: Devon Holley

2/6/2021 - 5:08PM

Starting this media company for people of color was very important to me. I don't get thousands of views and likes on social media, but I do understand that nothing beats starting the process of building something of your own. Personally, my whole life I wanted to drive the car before learning how to start the engine correctly. Sorry for the weird Metaphors, but like most people, I wanted to skip the grinding process to see the other side of success. After turning 37 this past year, I realize how important grinding is. Most people won't tell you that the biggest battle you'll ever face is within your own head. Expectations, doubt, fear, frustration and anger is all associated with developing a business from scratch. Overtime if you can find some type of enjoyment in the grinding process while building, you're golden. So, when I say starting is progress, the statement is 1000% true. Just enjoy the ride.

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