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By: Devon Holley



So let's talk about developing a website. I understand that not everyone who's reading this weeks article is an entrepreneur, but it's our responsibility as content creators to share good information. Maybe you have a good buddy who's looking to go into business for himself or a child who has great ideas. So, take these small nuggets of information and share them.

Currently, I use the website called Wix to help me develop my content. With over twenty different templates to design from, functionality comes easy to share something new. For example, they have preloaded social media templates for you to drop your information on. Once you decide on your post, the template can be uploaded directly onto your page. In terms of pricing, Wix comes in just under thirty dollars a month. The small monthly fee gives you, a website, domain name and your hosting bundle together. Depending on what you're devloping, Wix to me is more driven towards bloggers and content creators. They also have tools to help you with SEO as well as connecting you with professionals for hire.

Alright so you have this great idea to sell custom made clothing or drop shipping apparel. Shopify is perfect for you in this situation. The functionality, along with the integration of consumer base applications to connect to your site is amazing. I decided not to purchase the domain name from Shopify but you can if want to. The great aspect about Shopify is the ability to incorporate apps like Printful and Pinterest. These apps and integration come in handy for most online retailers because it keeps inventory down. While also, allowing you to put more flexibility and creativity into the marketing aspect of your business. Very similar to Wix, Shopify comes in around Thirty dollars a month. With even adding apps for email capturing, traffic, and link Affiliation, Shopify is still under a hundred.

These are the two websites I choose to use. Other website like Vista Print, Pinterest, Weebly, and Square Space are all great. So just get started. Mostly all of them have a thirty day trial version period for you to test them out. Also, prices are around the same because of the market so don’t spend weeks comparing each one. Make a choice and move forward.

Much Love and Respect.

Devon Holley

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