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The Best Hack For Healing In 2022.

It's 2022, Instead of saying, new year, new you, let's put more of a focal point on developing the foundation you've already laid. Healing your body and mind has to be one of your core characteristics moving forward in your journey. Below were going to list five essential characteristics involved in healing.

  1. Talk to yourself everyday. For example, writing in a journal is a great way to get your feelings out. While also, expressing yourself without any influence from other people telling you what to do. Sometimes expressing your feelings around friends, family or a therapist, comes with their influence. So don't be afraid to have a conversation in the car or the house, by yourself.

  2. Don't let your past dictate your future. Of course this one is very simple, but many of us live everyday base on the past. Everything we do is base on our daily habits and behaviors. Even our belief systems boils down to habits. So, if you're healing for the future, the past has become irrelevant.

  3. Find a healing Community. Community is everything in healing and should be number one. Your Community will hold you accountable during the toughest part of your healing journey. Have you Ever notice people struggling with any type of substance abuse can never overcome their addiction without a Community. Don't get me wrong, I understand your ego wants you to figure it out personally. In most cases you can't because your brain is built to slow you down and make things comfortable.

  4. Set high standards and goals. With this being 2022, your pass low standards and goals are no longer acceptable this year. F*ck that, we're crushing it this year. Just Make sure you make this year your greatest journey and no turning back.

  5. ENJOY LIFE MY DUDE. No explanation needed.

These five essential things might not fit you personally, but they can fit right into your back pocket. Before we get deeper into the year, make sure you write your list of healing hacks and share them with us. Let's crush 2022 together.

Much Love & Respect.

Devon Holley

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