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The Game Of Life

By: Devon Holley

05/03/2021 - 11:32AM

Within the last year we've seen an increase rate of suicide amongst young people. I wanna start off this article by saying if anyone has thoughts of hurting themselves please talk to someone. Also, you're not crazy or stupid for having the feelings that you have. We need everyone here on this earth to make change.

For my people who call themselves gamers you'll understand exactly where I'm coming from. Life is like a video game because theirs so many avenues you can take to reach the final board. Video games from the 80's and 90's was so difficult the developers offer strategy guides. Life is the same way. Gurus around the world offer thousands of hours of coaching as part of the strategy guide for life. Which I have nothing against mentors or gurus, because some of us need them.

One thing I realize about life is we tend to have more fun just playing the game and learning. See, the best part of video games is when you crack the plastic seal on the case and insert it. The first couple of days you're not looking to master it you just wanna play. The same goes for life. The first thirty years you just wanna play the game. Once we turn thirty-one something in your brain tells you its time for you to start conquering the Game of Life. Thats when we look for a mate, have kids, and slow down the partying. Maybe that's why the Sims is so successful as a game.

So enjoy the game no matter where you're at in the process. I've said many times to my kids, Life is like a Nintendo game you don't get any continues.

Much Love and Respect

Devon Holley

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