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The Young - King Randall

By: Devon Holley


When it comes to making the world a better place, we can definitely learn a lot from the youth of today. Look around you carefully and I bet you will find inspiring examples of young people striving to make the future better, both at a local and international scale. If you don’t then let’s introduce you to King Randall. At just 21 years of age, this young man has made tremendous strides in bettering the lives of boys in his community, which can be linked back to his group The X for Boys, founded in 2019. Before delving further into his work, let’s take a brief look at his background.

Looking at his history, King has always demonstrated incredible resilience and resourcefulness from a young age. He taught himself to do various jobs such as auto repair, painting, and cutting hair by watching YouTube videos. This earned him recognition around his neighborhood and was often contracted for work. Later on, King briefly worked as an inventory management specialist in the Marine Corp, before finally moving on to found The X for Boys at just 19 years old. If this is not impressive enough for you, King Randall is also a chef having graduated at the tender age of 17 with a degree in Culinary Arts from Albany Technical College. What’s clear from King’s accomplishments is that young people can truly do everything they set their mind on. It’s exactly this kind of will and determination that he seeks to imprint on the boys who join his group.

King describes The X for Boys as a “man-making machine” with the motto being “Let us Make Man.” He hosts various construction and automotive repair workshops to equip the young men in his organization with basic life skills to build a foundation. Also, while drawing from his experience as a chef, King teaches the boys cooking skills, proving that men can throw down in the kitchen also. Salute to "King Randell, his team and The X For Boys organization," for showing positive Black Images of men.

The X For Boys Organization

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