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Uncomfortable Change

By: Devon Holley

12/12/2020 - 4:30 PM

Change always comes at the cost of being uncomfortable. The access to information and technology has exposed people's true characteristics that was dying to get out. Most algorithms on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram shows who you really are.

For example, the internet gave people the opportunity to connect with groups of people they would have never met thirty years ago. Imagine, you're a black men who loves Anime. Before the internet, there wasn't any chance of you connecting with someone in South Africa that loves Naruto like you. Websites Discord and YouTube allows people the opportunity to express their joy for Anime without judgement.

With information on YouTube being uploaded a gig a minute, the info wars has exploded. Long gone is Cat videos generating millions of views and comments. From entertaining videos from Korporate Bidness, Aba & Preach and Bigg Jah theirs no better time to be alive.

Maybe entertainment videos isn't your go to right now because your focus on stacking bread. You might spend a couple of hours listening to David Goggins for inspiration about taking souls. Not a joke if you read the book, "Can't Hurt Me," I know it sounds crazy.

In all seriousness cherish this kick ass time to be alive. Don't be led by the civil rights bullshit from the pass, move forward, on the real. I know we need change in some areas but African Americans are doing good. This is one of the reasons I started Millennial Change.

I wanted to spotlight all the progress we should be celebrating for our people. While also, listening to more positive media stories from Black Own media companies like myself. Listening to main stream media will have you thinking, Brother's can't do nothing because of the white man. That's just not true anymore. All those race hustlers is living among white people sending their kids to the best schools in their states. You know their names, somehow they survive all these years talking shit about white people. Just stop it nigga, yea I said nigga. A person being arrogant, ignorant, and stupid in their everyday behavior.

Change has already happen, the question is have you change with the times?

Much Love and Respect


Devon Holley

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