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You Can’t Build Generational Wealth Without Kids.

BY: Devon Holley

07/06/2021 - 10:26AM

You see that little person crying in the backseat, he or she will be the best investment you'll ever have. Not only will they become a source of love, healing, and wealth, but they'll become your biggest cheerleader. They'll never be a perfect time to have children because its a difficult decision. So, just find someone you love and have some fun. These are five reasons why you need children to build wealth.

  1. People take work serious when their responsible for a family. Most CEO'S of major corporations always have families.

  2. Children become your legacy, responsibility, and source of fun along with your spouse.

  3. Kids will fight for you harder than any other relative in your blood line. I'm sorry, but your daughter will raise hell if her Dad is being mistreated.

  4. Some of the biggest corporations across the world carry the bloodline and the last name of the parents that invested in them. Just to Name a few, Sean Combs, William Fox, Adi Dassler, Walter Chrysler, Amar Bose. I'm sure you heard of Bose, Sean John, 20th Century Fox, Adidas, Chrysler, as companies. All these men have children and generations in their bloodline that will benefit from their success.

  5. Wealth is nothing without passing it to someone you love. With inflation rising every year, your children will thank you for leaving them some wealth.

You have to work hard to leave something worthwhile to your Kids. Become better, stop living in this world and start creating the world you really want. A lot of the mental health problems we face comes from us trying to mimic others instead of creating. Sometimes you need something that will create your drive. Kids and a wife is a great source of inspiration for you to level up. Also i said it once, stop waiting for the perfect opportunity to have children because it won’t happen. If you can have your kids in you mid to late 20’s or early 30's, do it. Stats show that the later you have them, the risk of you having complications goes up every year that you wait. So bust that, wait sorry thats a little to graphic. Go make love. 😂

Generational Wealth - Is a collocation of financial resources passed down across multiple generations in a family.

Much Love and Respect,

Devon Holley

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