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You're Not A King!

By: Devon Holley

May 5, 2021 - 9:45PM

In the world of photoshopped pictures and click bait, at some point most men will have to face reality. Nope, you're not a King. Give me a few seconds to explain why. Don't get it twisted fellas this article hurts me too, but truth imposes change. Okay, let's go.

Reason Number One: King's Stand Out From The Crowd.

As a thirty-seven year old man, I spend most nights reading about history and personal development. After reading thousands of pages describing King's of the pass, I realized that every King was unique in his own way. I've learn that most Kings don't tend to follow the crowd and become predictable with their behavior. Predictable behavior is the number one enemy of every King. How this relates to today's society is very easy. Everyone is moving in the same direction. In Western Countries like the US and Canada, 70% of all males have a social media without any specialize skills. Which makes them predictable and impossible to stand out from the crowd.

Reason Number Two: You Don't Have a Kingdom/Army/Network.

Every King needs an Army. He needs a Kingdom to control and lead to victory. Some Men will say their home is their Kingdom. Which I understand, but I disagree just a little bit. You might call your home your Kingdom and your wife, Queen of the home. But, if you're honest, someone who pays all the bills and rocks her boat at night, can be replace. We're seeing it everyday with most modern women choosing to build a foundation without a King. Which sucks, but it's the truth. Also, if you don't have a Network of people that works for you and with you, I'm sorry your kinda losing. Most men will live a quiet life, never exploring their true potential for growth.

The Last Reason: Being Called A King is Outdated..

With today's society of everything being handed to you, most people are going to live a mediocre life. How many people will embrace the mindset of David Goggins and empty the tank everyday. In most cases the tank of life is filled for most of us with all these distractions. Fellas, instead of being focus on calling yourself a King, put your focus on becoming a respectful Masculine Man of great character. Sometimes, women just want a Masculine Men who stands on his morals. Masculine Men can't be easily replace in a world filled with followers and Simps. He stands above the crowd because his competition is taking selfies just like the females and sending dm's.

Much Love and Respect

Devon Holley

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